HipLodge Travel Site Curates Renovated Retro Motels

Seeking out roadside motels as a luxury destination is an emerging trend in hospitality. HipLodge has curated a highly refined list of motels which meet a certain standard of design and amenities.

HipLodge.com makes finding reimagined luxury motels and road trip planning an inspired process.


AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2022  — HIPLODGE.COM A niche online travel site has just been launched giving travelers a simple way to discover renovated retro motels across the United States. HipLodge.com, a newly established online service owned by husband and wife duo, Andrew and Emily Kissel, launched this week, in anticipation of a heavy spring break travel season next month.

Hoteliers are converting run down motels across the country into gorgeous destinations that are full of character, interesting design perspectives and uncommon amenities.

Seeking out roadside motels as a luxury destination is an emerging trend in hospitality. Larger travel aggregators don’t discriminate between a Motel 6 and an Ace Motel, for example. HipLodge.com has taken a different approach by curating a highly refined list of motels which meet a certain standard of design and amenities. “We are excited to take to the road to check out these amazing properties, meet the owners and experience their designs first hand,” states Emily Kissel.

“Over the past two years, we’ve been seeing a trend around the revitalization of mid-century motels. One article after another is coming out highlighting hoteliers buying retro motels from the 1950’s and 1960’s, then reimagining them into the hottest properties in hospitality today. Stylish roadside motels hit on so many positive notes when we consider our lodging options on the road. First, they are storied. Built in the era of the road trip-when Route 66 was the place to be. The classic roadside motel is an American icon. Originally built as no-frills, inexpensive lodging for travelers crossing the country, the American motel eventually fell to the wayside as larger hotel brands came onto the scene. Today, these motels are being purchased by individuals or small hospitality groups that have their own unique story to share. Every traveler who passes through these stylish retro motels joins a community of individuals with miles of stories in their rearview mirror, and a lust for the future journey which has yet to be mapped.”

In February, the duo launched a boutique motel booking service for travelers throughout the United States who want to experience a different kind of stay. Andrew and Emily Kissel established HipLodge.com, as the premier resource in finding stylish renovated roadside motels that feature high design at a comparatively affordable price.

Asked about the kind of properties tourists can expect from their listing site, Emily enumerated several benefits awaiting travelers.

“First of all, if there’s anything the past two years has taught us, it’s that we deeply crave connection. Not just to others, but to our environment. Corporate hotel chains just aren’t satisfying that personalized experience we need to fuel our own creativity. Travelers are still hesitant to get on planes, which has really energized the road trip revolution. We were looking to find the best of what the road has to offer, which turns out is looking to these renovated motels. With HipLodge, we took a highly critical design eye when selecting the properties we included. Our curated listings are truly the elite of the motel movement. When designing HipLodge.com, we wanted the stories of these properties to shine through. We created a comprehensive listing site where our community of travelers are able to connect with each property, get to know the owners, and hear the history of these properties as they plan their next adventure. That’s what builds connection to place. HipLodge is designed as a listing site that will also serve as an information resource,” Emily explained.

The new website aims to have the most complete information about renovated motels in the United States. A quick visit to the site will give prospect travelers an immediate sense of what’s in store for them with a sleek map view, then detailed property listings.

Mr. Kissel further added that the site was built with a different approach to amenities and reviews. “We looked at how other hotel listing services were cataloging and tagging their information and felt we could do it better. We tapped into the unique amenities these properties are offering, like live entertainment, gear rental services and EV charging stations rather than talking about hairdryers and fresh towels. That’s expected. We also give our travelers a voice letting them review on the design of the property, the people and the hip factor.”

HipLodge will continue to grow as hoteliers purchase and renovate the large stock of dilapidated motels across the country. As as company, we welcome our community of travelers to take part in growing the catalog by submitting properties they discover on their travels for consideration, along with hoteliers submitting their own properties for inclusion.

With the newly launched site dedicated solely to hip and renovated retro motels, HipLodge aims to change the perception of motels and support the restoration efforts of the great American road trip.

About HipLodge
HipLodge is a thoughtfully curated catalog of stylish, renovated retro motels. It also offers motel overviews, destination site information, and travel tips. HipLodge is a product of Hip Brands, Ltd. Co.

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