Letter from our Founders

HipLodge is a curation of beautiful designs applied to their storied pasts. The great American road trip lives on and is finding a new way forward. We crave adventure and connection, but in a new light. Renovated retro motels provide a new experience in a deeply familiar setting.

We view travel as a gift. A perspective altering, eye opening, experiential gift. As a family of four, we hit the road as often as our schedules permit. Traveling as a group is a dance. Coordinating preferences, bathroom breaks, music choices, snack options. It all factors into the operations of moving about this beautiful country of ours. 

We’ve spent the past ten years checking in and out of roadside hotels, motels, and Airbnb properties as we drive across the country exploring cities, mountains, deserts and beach towns. We’ve formed our own preferences on what works for family travel, and what just doesn’t make sense. 

Over the past year, we have become more and more impressed with the revitalization of mid-century motel properties. The unique amenities offered, chic designs, central locations, price point and small scale appeal to all of our family travel senses. As we began preparing for our our 2022 travel season, we found ourselves digging for articles trying to uncover these properties, but there was no central resource to browse renovated retro motels. We’re a pretty handy duo when it comes to curating lists and building websites, so we decided we would build what we craved and share it with our community of traveling friends. HipLodge was born and we hope you find it as valuable a resource as we have, and a source for inspiration for your daily life. 

As you page through the properties, you are taking a trip across the country delving into the deeply inspired designs by some of todays top talent. Groups such as Bunkhouse, Novogratz and Bluebird have put out some of the most inviting, interesting and relevant designs we have seen in some time. Individual creatives like Lindsey Kurowski have charmed us with their grit and dedication to singlehandedly reviving a property drawing on limited resources (oh hello, siblings). 

There is a changing tide in hospitality, where we are seeking refuge from the past couple of years, while surrounding ourselves with inspired spaces and interesting people. The motel movement is calling to us. Hit the road, make some memories, be inspired. 

Andrew and Emily

About HipLodge

HipLodge is a company of Hip Brands, Ltd. Co. and is owned by husband and wife duo, Andrew and Emily Kissel. Andrew has spent his career as a principal software developer with 20 years of experience across technical competencies including web development, infrastructure/devops, inbound marketing, and digital strategy.

Emily spent the early part of her career in commercial real estate marketing working with real estate listing platforms before launching into self-driven creative ventures including owning an event design company. HipLodge is an extension of their joint interests of interior design and travel, and serves as a bucket list of unique destinations. 

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